Jelena Jonovska, Lawyer, MA in Business Law

Lawyer Jelena Jonovska has over the years specialized as a lawyer for companies from Slovakia and North Macedonia operating in Serbia and with Serbia. She also specializes in commercial and property law, especially in cases with a foreign element. She regularly participates in legal advisory groups in Serbia, specializations and conferences in different branches of law (fellow of IBA Conference in 2015).

Lawyer Jelena Jonovska is a court translator and interpreter for the Slovak and North Macedonian languages and a mediator certified by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia. She is fluent in Serbian, Slovak, North Macedonian and English, and speaks Russian and Italian, too. She grew up partly in Serbia, partly in North Macedonia, and partly in Slovakia. She returned to Serbia to finish high school. She graduated in 2008 from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and obtained her MA degree in Business Law in 2009. She passed the bar exam in 2011.

Jelena is a member of::

  • Lawyers Association of Serbia since 2011
  • Lawyers Association of Vojvodina since 2015
  • Association of Court Interpreters of Serbia since 2017
  • Serbian Energy Law Association since 2019

Team of Jonovski Law Office

The team members of Jonovski Law Office are specialized for commercial and property law, compensation of damage, mediation and criminal law in the field of economy. The Office has a vast experience in working with clients from abroad, especially with legal entities from Slovakia, North Macedonia and the Czech Republic. The advantage of Jonovski Law Office is that members of its team are also court interpreters and translators for English, Slovak, Czech, North Macedonian, Romanian, German, French, Italian and Russian language. Therefore, we offer our foreign clients efficient and simple solutions to legal problems in the language they are the most comfortable with, while considering legal matters strategically and with a particular devotion and understanding of each individual case, all in order to meet our clients’ goals as efficiently as possible.

Long-term international cooperation with lawyers and law firms

Jonovski Law Office haM&s several years of cooperation with renowned lawyers and law firms from North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy. With a well-developed network of legal associates, we can offer our clients efficient solutions to a wide range of legal services in the Republic of Serbia, as well as in the above mentioned countries.


AGRO- SVAK doo, Elena Svakova, director

I can only praise Jonovski Law Office, because of its efficiency, speed
and dedication to legal work. Expertise and readiness come first.

Premaz doo Pančevo, director Željko Belodedić

Jelena did the job, for which we hired her, accurately and conscientiously. At the same time,
she minimized our costs in the procedure, and managed to get all participants to cooperate.
She patiently answered all our questions and followed every word. The value
we received is higher than expected. I strongly recommend this office!

Cerpromet, Marko Ninković, director

We have been cooperating with Jonovski Law Office for five years.
They are very helpful, fast when conducting all activities and meticulous
when preparing the documentation. We have successfully completed
all legal cases thanks to them. From our side,
a great recommendation for a young team.

KBR Brezina, Vlatko Brezina, owner

Great cooperation. I have nothing but praise for lawyer Jelena Jonovska.
The case was completed with unimaginable results. I highly recommend this law office!

Predić INT Company Helena Predić, director

Responsibility, professional ability, real support, professional advice,
precision and successful efficiency prove the high quality of Jonovski Law Office.
Our successful long-term cooperation is reflected in a truly great support
and it makes us optimistic about the future.

White Rook Design, Nikola Gluvakov, director

In cooperation with Jonovski Law Office, we managed to transform all potentially disputable situations
into settlements. More importantly - we managed to solve problems out of court, without wasting our energy, time and money.

Kameks Macedonia, director Jovan Miloseski

The team of Jonovski Law Office showed that when it comes to legal issues, they are a reliable
and efficient partner which is certainly the biggest advantage. The team of lawyer Jelena Jonovska
has provided us with full legal support on several occasions, they managed all the processes and
successfully resolved legal disputes. We look forward to a further successful cooperation!

Kolid S Team, Dusko Stojkov, General Director

We hired Jonovski Law Office for the procedure of recognition and execution of the judgment
of the North Macedonian court before the authorities of Serbia. The whole procedure
was completed perfectly, in a short time and our rights determined by the judgment
was 100% realized, and everything was flawlessly organized and coordinated. Due to all this,
it was necessary to come to Serbia only once, at the very end of the procedure.

Alvest Mont, Engr. Pavol Pijak and Engr. Michal Pijak

Our cooperation was on a very high level, I consider it very efficient, prompt and essential.
The solutions offered by Jonovski Law Office were fast, understandable and the answers were always
clear and concise. In short - if I should consider conducting business in the Republic of Serbia again,
I would certainly choose to cooperate with your office, starting from the very first step of
verifying the business partner, drafting an offer, drafting a contract, all the way to the implementation
and completion of the work. This will help me reduce, i.e. eliminate,
any unforeseen costs and obstacles as much as possible.