Founding of the Jonovski Law Office

Jonovski Law Office was established in 2011 in the Republic of Serbia with the aim of providing a comprehensive legal service to legal entities and individuals. The Law Office provides a wide range of legal services with expertise in commercial and property law. Over time, Jonovski Law Office has established itself as an office that represents and legally advises Slovak, Czech and North Macedonian companies operating in Serbia or planning to do business in Serbia.

Portfolio of legal services

Each client is approached individually. Through a detailed analysis and strategic approach, we determine the most efficient way to overcome any legal challenge. The portfolio of Jonovski Law Office includes legal advice and legal services, representation before all state bodies, legal negotiations with business partners,
as well as the preparation of written legal opinions in the following areas:

  • commercial law (contracts, statutory commercial law, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, in various areas of the economy, such as public procurement, energy, transport, construction, domestic and foreign trade)
  • civil law (with a focus on providing legal services in the field of property law, and damages)
  • statutory changes, mergers, liquidations and bankruptcies of companies,
  • capital market and banking operations,
  • international law (treaties and disputes with a foreign element),
  • media law (statutory media law and protection of human rights in the field of media),
  • criminal law (primarily in the field of commercial and property law)

More than nine years of experience in cooperating with foreign clients - with a focus on Slovakia and North Macedonia

Through their yearlong experience, the lawyers of Jonovski Law Office specialize in cooperation with foreign clients. The advantage of the Office lies in the fact that lawyers, as court translators and interpreters, speak the client's language, the documentation is prepared bilingually at the client's special request, with high efficiency and without overburdening the client.

We have the knowledge of the economic and legal environment of countries in the region (primarily Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, North Macedonia and Bulgaria), as well as the understanding and knowledge of their legal systems and legislative and judicial structure. This allows us to provide our clients with efficient and comprehensive service and legal advice in legal cases with a foreign element.

We provide services to foreign clients such as:

  • Establishment of a company or representative office in Serbia
  • Opening bank accounts in Serbia
  • All statutory changes of the company in Serbia (change of director, headquarters, transfer of shares, etc.)
  • Consultations regarding negotiations, finding business partners and associates
  • Complete regulation regarding employment and labor relations
  • Recognition of foreign court and arbitration decisions in Serbia
  • Execution of court and arbitration decisions, settlements and claims from the contractual relationship
  • Drafting bilingual contracts in the field of economy, construction, trade, freightage, etc.
  • Consultations regarding public procurement in the Republic of Serbia
  • Compensation for property and non-property damage

Cooperation with lawyers from home countries

Our office has an vast network of associate lawyers in the countries of the region such as - Slovakia, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria. In this way, we provide our clients with an efficient and comprehensive service, because the members of the legal team are located in the home country of the client, too.

Members of the Jonovski Law Office team are court translators and interpreters for Slovak, Czech, North Macedonian, Romanian, German, French, Italian, English and Russian.

We provide quality legal services and legal advice in Serbian, Slovak, North Macedonian and English language. The main advantage of the office is that the team members are court translators and interpreters. We approach each client carefully and thoroughly, with a dedicated and individual relationship with each of them, and through a high-level communication we reach a common goal.


When a legal problem occurs, it is often a result of a misunderstanding between two or more parties. Most of these problems can be solved through mediation. Our team consists of mediators certified by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, who can professionally and impartially help you reach a peaceful solution to the dispute and reach compromise for the benefit and satisfaction of both parties. Mediation is especially suitable for civil law disputes (property relations, inheritance and family relations, compensation for damages, consumer disputes), but also in disputes between legal entities, where the need for further successful cooperation requires a peaceful settlement of current disputes.
We are honored to have in our team a top expert in the field of media law and protection of the right to freedom of expression, and we offer you specialized mediation in this field. Mediation in the field of media law, especially in disputes referring to violation of personal rights and the right to freedom of expression, offers our clients a quick and efficient compromise and meeting the interests of both parties.



Dedication & reliability


Efficient solving of legal challenges


Vast experience in the field of commercial law


Specialization for clients from the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and North Macedonia


Team members are certified mediators and court translators and interpreters