Lawyer for commercial law

The expertise of Jonovski Law Office involves legal services in the field of commercial law, in its broadest sense. In this field of ​​law, we represent domestic clients on the territory of Belgrade, Pancevo, and the entire Republic of Serbia, as well as our international clients, most often from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Our team of lawyers has many years of experience in the field of commercial law, with a focus on cases with a foreign element. Commercial law in the Republic of Serbia is regulated by laws such as the Company Law, which regulates the establishment of companies, i.e. the form of economic activity, company management, company rights and obligations and the way in which companies function.

If you need a lawyer for commercial law (territorial orientation: Pancevo, Belgrade, Vojvodina, as well as the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia), contact us by phone or e-mail.

The team of Jonovski Law Office provides services in areas that can be divided into:

  • establishment of a company and statutory changes
  • legal representation
  • production of contracts and other legal documents

Establishment of companies and statutory changes of companies

Establishing a company in the legal sense opens many questions later in business, so it is important for businesses to be legally structured and defined from the very beginning, as well as that all legal and business challenges are assumed in advance.

In this process, Jonovski Law Office provides legal services for the establishment and registration of a company, as well as advice on choosing the best form of company from a legal aspect. Also, our lawyers offer foreign clients consultancies on the issue of establishing a company in Serbia and all statutory issues. Our legal team, together with a network of lawyers from home countries, offers a complete legal assistance in the process of founding a company to domestic legal and natural entities who plan to do business in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Also, our clients from Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, can receive legal advice and legal support in statutory changes (name change, registered office, founders, reorganizations, company acquisitions, liquidations, etc.), as well as drafting legal acts and all types of contracts in this process.

Legal representation, commercial disputes and settlements

We provide legal representation to our clients on the territory of Belgrade and the entire Republic of Serbia, as well as to domestic and foreign business entities. We also provide consultations to and legal representation of legal entities that already operate or plan to start a business in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, in which we are extremely successful thanks to the support of partners, lawyers and law firms from these countries.

To summarize, Jonovski Law Office provides its clients with the following legal representation services:

  • Representation of companies before tax, misdemeanor bodies and courts (in enforcement proceedings - collection of receivables, litigation, business, bankruptcy, etc.) and other institutions of local, provincial or national level
  • before the Business Registers Agency, Belgrade
  • Representation of companies in legal mediation procedures
  • Representation in all commercial and legal disputes
  • Representation of clients in public procurement procedures, preparation of tender documentation in public procurement and consultations related to the implementation of public procurement
  • Representation in civil disputes, disputes of commercial offenses, enforcement proceedings, as well as in other proceedings related to the business of commercial entities
  • Representation in the field of criminal law for criminal offenses related to the economy
  • A full support to foreign entities in communication with institutions on the territory of the entire Republic of Serbia, representation in all legal affairs through efficient and strategically focused resolution of legal challenges.

Producing contracts and other legal documentation

Our team is specialized for commercial law, therefore we also produce all types of pre-contracts, contracts and agreements:

  • sale contract,
  • trade agency agreement,
  • commercial representation contracts,
  • construction contract,
  • freight forwarding contract,
  • cooperation agreement and others.

In addition, our team provides legal services of producing all legal documents, as well as consultancies regarding the preparation of documentation. Our team also produces all types of legal documents in other fields of law such as labor law, property law, damage compensation and other



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Efficient solving of legal challenges


Vast experience in the field of commercial law


Specialization for clients from the
Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and North Macedonia


Team members are certified mediators and court translators and interpreters